PHP Lead Form - Documentation

Step 1 - Simple One file Configuration

Open 'php\include\config.php'

$config = array(
    "demo_mode"=> true,
    "enable_captcha_check"=> true,
    "crm_config"  => array(
        'enable_logging'=> true,
        'default_team_id' => 1,
        'default_user_guid' => 1,
    'email' => array(
        'from_name' => 'PHP Form',
        'no_reply_email' => '',
        'reply_to' => '',
        'to_email' => ',',
        'enable_auto_response' => true,
    'auto_response_template' => array(
        'subject' => 'Thank you! [NAME]',
        'message' => '[NAME], 
Thank you for contacting. Our representative will contact you shortly.' ) );

Parameters Descriptions

If set to true, email functionality + CRM logging will be disabled

If set to true, Security check to verify bot to block spammers will be disabled.


Whether to enable/disable CRM requests to log leads?
Replace this with your Sugar CRM URL to soap.php

Which team you wish to assign this lead to?

Who is the owner of this lead? ID=1 is super admin